How to develop an open relationship with God {True Love, pt. 2}

Ronnie says in order to truly love someone, we must be willing to be hurt by that person. He says we can’t really love unless we’re willing to be opened and transparent which makes us vulnerable to be hurt.

transparency and accessibility

In this video, Ronnie shows us “How to develop an open relationship with God.”

  • Embrace who God is according to His character
  • Think–meditate on God’s Word
  • Accept what God has allowed in our lives
  • Entrust yourself to God

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  1. Man glad I stopped I didnt get a notice that you were up

  2. I just find the website through google. I have issues with my wife daily and I’m just overburdened and want to see if anyone can help. If nothing else at least I can vent out. FYI: She has read the Help Meet book from Debi Pearl and both of us read the 5 love languages. We are in our late twenties.

    An example that happened today:

    She asked me to help with the flour as she was doing the dough. I went there. She asked me to open the plastic box, take the jar and take a jar of flour. She asked me to do this for a second jar too. Then I washed my hands. She right away started to condemn me saying that I shouldn’t have washed my hands but I should have closed the flour sack. Even “worse” I should not close the flour sack with wet hands. Even if I dry my hands my hands will remain too wet to close the sack. I told her that simply it didn’t come to my mind to close the sack or ask her. I was just following her instructions to help her so I thought that was it. She said she didn’t want to give all the instructions at once and therefore she was expecting me to ask her what to do with the sack. She made me very upset because simply put my mind works differently then hers and expecting such things and then being ugly with me I don’t think it’s right.

    What do you guys think?

    She is driving me crazy with her comments and expectations.

  3. never satisfied says:

    I don’t know what’s wrong with me I wrecked a 16 year marriage to a wonderful woman because I was always waiting for something better to come along. I didn’t cheat before we separated but I was always looking, watching, thinking to myself, if only I could have her. My wife ended up leaving me. I had affairs once we became separated. I later sought reconciliation and we almost got back together but it didn’t happen.

    Now I’ve got a girlfriend. She is wonderful also but I get distracted by other women.The more women I get and the better I please them in bed the better I feel about my self worth. I will sleep with anyone woman I may never had seen her before but if she is interested I’m in bed with her. I sleep with anybody and I mess around on everybody and I’m scared. I believe it has something to do with my relationships with my brother and mother when I was a child.

    I wish I could be one of those guys who is so head over heels for his wife that he would never think of cheating and just be thrilled to have his wife. I don’t have an ongoing porn problem though I have looked. My problem is with the real thing.

    Any advice beyond pray which I have done?

  4. Glad to be able to get on finally!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey never satisfied I feel your pain. I think I have the spirit of never being satisfied and always wanting what I don’t have; I also have an inpatient spirit. I don’t like waiting. Last year I found out that my wife had messed around on me while we were engaged. Boy I was livid and lit into her with all the fury of hell. She very poignantly asked me if I had been faithful to her while we engaged? She asked this after pointing out how I had not even been faithful in my marriage. We are in counseling. This Biblical counselor told me I have a fear of commitment and abandon issues and I constantly need to be told that I am good that is why I hop from one woman to another. I have to feel like I have conquered something. My wife’s slip was totally different and for different reasons. My wife pretty much knew why she did it and have been able to talk about hers. Getting me to open up was like pulling teeth. I feel like a load has been lifted off me and my wife and I now know certain signals to look for. We talk about everything now. You just have to open up to the woman your with and let her know what is really going on with you that is the first step. That is what true love with another is about for me. True love starts with us loving ourselves enough to tell our self the truth then getting real with God and others. It is working for me.

  5. I think some men may do this thing for sport. I don’t mean to be “preachy,” but I think the attitude towards women needs reevaluating. On one level, they’re simply “people.” A spouse is a “life partner,” so whatever sport or challenges you take on as a man, she’s your support. I feel that it’s a good thing to make up our minds that catching women (and women do the same thing with men too) is just a foolish sport. I guess it’s tempting because we’re talking about “coveted items” which can always seem like trophies, but in the end the issue is finding someone who you can live with.

    Women (or men, of course) can be visually appealing, but they’re simply “people.” I’ve trained myself to just ignore the outside (and if anything, people who spend tons of time and money on their appearance I find less impressive).

    My thoughts.

  6. My advice is to see a Christian therapist.
    We are the happiest and most content when we live within our values and a Christian therapist can help you with that and understand the past with your family. If you are using these outward thing to validate yourself, then there may be issues about self esteem.

    If you marry again, it is God’s will that you have a stable marriage and this becomes a higher priority than getting this external validation from women.

    Work to keep the relationship exciting and evolving to ward off boredom.
    “Bounce the eyes” — the continued gazing and thinking about other women is a problem.

    This is a part of what true love is about in a relationship and it is being true with God.

  7. Any man or woman who has a lifestyle or persistent cycle of being unfaithful in a relationship has deep seeded issues and they are dealing with low self-esteem. I love reading about David in the bible because David killed committed adultery but the bible tells us that David repented………he turned away from his wicked lifestyle and went back to god. My ex-husband fooled around for the entire 20 years of our marriage while being faithful to his ministry as deacon in our church the whole time. The kicker is the woman who he was messing around with me on he was also messing around on her. He is a tortured soul although no one can ever tell him. He always says he is like Davis…..I had to burst his bubble and tell him no darling David turned away from his sin……David repented and was grieved about his sin………

    Seek help men and women your body is the temple of god…….it is the place where the holy spirit lives. Truly love yourself by treating your body as worthy and wholesome not like trash.

  8. One thing I have learned about love is that it has two primary components, which I refer to as “passion” and “commitment” (used in this sense, the word “passion” refers to the sense of delight the lover finds in the beloved).

    In the early part of a relationship, this is usually what feeds the commitment in the heart of the lover, but it never stays that way–passion will always diminish over time unless the commitment has grown enough to where it now feeds the passion.

    When people speak about wanting to be “head over heels,” they’re speaking about a very intense passion. Many of us never experience this level of intensity, while for some it is strictly an illusion, but even in those cases where it is real, I believe that what keeps it alive is the commitment.

    The good news is that we recognize the problem and work on it:

  9. Hey guys unfortunately I can answer your question from the perspective of experience.

    I’m on my third wife. I also have had many girlfriends.

    Today, I aint proud of my past but I have to own it.

    The problem as you have noticed isn’t with the women mostly. The problem lies within you on this one. Your self confidence is really suffering because you have used this crutch of “gaining a better girlfriend/wife” for so long it might be too late. When your identity of self worth comes from this instead of Christ it is always empty, hollow, and of course fleeting.

    Somehow you have to recognize who you are (as God made you) and accept that and be satisfied and be thankful.

    If you can’t think of yourself as a good man with gifts, talents, and abilities that are of real value without the need of proving it by some kind of superficial token of a “trophy wife” you might not ever.

    Learn to be OK with being alone and single. Bachelors are more free to do a lot of things that married men aren’t. And with a double handful of platonic friends your life really won’t be lonely.

    You are supposed to be able to love your wife as much as yourself. Not love yourself because you have a great wife. Subtle but important difference. The right attitude can make or destroy a home. (As you have already discovered)

  10. Kenneth C. says:

    You need to try to change your perspective I think. when we “fall in love” it is purely a selfish love. when you say you love someone people say I know she is the one! she makes me feel so good,she really understands me. The bible says the heart is deceitful. to love is the love God gave us that’s the love he wants us to give to everyone especially our wives. God loved us why we were yet sinners. That means god love for us was not based off of anything we did for Him. God willingly loved us despite the fact we are wretched. So when my wife wakes up if she decides to be in a bad mood and gripe all day i lovingly talk to her and explain how i feel do i want to love her not really i get frustrated.But to love is not based off emotions it’s based on will it’s not based on how they treat you it’s based on will,for that’s how God loved us.

    I always find t puzzling god says love your enemy but men will not be a real man role up his sleeves and fight for his wife.marriage ain’t easy and it ain’t for the weak it’s forever God never intended for us to leave our spouse.Paul said when i was a child i thought and reasoned as a child when i grew up i put away childish things.Neversatisfied, put away childish things be a man. each of us have an internal war going on between the flesh and the spirit. you Lusting after women is not what a real man does.I see pretty women but i advert my eyes or think of something else i fight that battle so t does not become lust. You have to fight that battle to.

    Jesus said not to put away your wife except she commit adultery. I’m going to tell you straight you put her away for pleasure for the flesh. Now the kudo’s you know what your problem is FIGHT IT pray God help you.I will pray for you to. You haven’t had the gf that long tell her you sorry you made a terrible mistake be a man and do whatever it takes to get your good Godly wife back. Just my thou

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